NIKOS PORTOKALOGLOU was born in 1957 in Volos. In 1980, Odysseus Tsakalos (drums), Moustakis (keyboards) Dimitris Kalaitzis (bass) and Nikos Portokaloglou (guitar,vocals) create their band named FATME. The band's first album titled FATME is released in 1982 by EMI with producer Tasos Falireas.  Their second album  "Psemata" comes a year later, in 1983, and the third one titled RISKO  released in 1985,when the band will start to invoke the interest of a larger audience. After that, their fourth album titled "Vgenoume ap'to tounel" which includes the appearance of sinder Haris Alexiou. However, together with the release of one more album of new songs "To Taksidi" (1988) and a live album of their last concerts as a whole "Palko" (1989) comes the end of the band's existence.His first personal album "Fones" will be released in the beginning of '90  with producer George Andreou. In the meanwhile, the same year, Nikos Portokaloglou composes and writes the songs of AfroditiΆs Manou album, "Keros gia dio". In 1992 his album "Siko psihi mou siko horepse" with the participation of Dimitris Mitropanos is released. In autumn 1993 he begins his collaboration with the record company "Polygram" (later "Universal") with the album "Ta karavia mou keo". In 1995 he collaborates with the director Pantelis Voulgaris for the movie AKROPOL  with the song "Klise ta matia sou". A year later, 1996, a new album "Asotos ios" with the attendance of many artists is released and creates a new basis for his relationship with his audience.
 In 1997 signs the music and the verses in the film of Sotiris Gkoritsas "Valkanizater" and circulate as disk titled "Krifto". Two years later his new album "Pehnidia me ton diavolo" is released.
In 2001 the music and the songs of another  film of Sotiris Gkoritsas , "Brazilero" are written by Nikos Portokaloglou.The song "Thalassa mou skotini" from this album becomes a huge hit.
At the end of 2002, after 20 years in the music business, a selection of his earlier songs is released that becomes very popular, title :"Nikos Portokaloglou-Fatme and Friends, Iparxei logos sovaros".
His album DIPSA is released in 2003 ands becomes really popular. Two years later in 2005 a new double album titled  "Pame alli mia fora"  encompasses the most popular songs of his 25year old carreer in discography.The songs in this album are taken down by his live performances from 2001 since 2005.
In 2007 releases the album "Ena Vima Pio Konta" with the popular song "To potami".
A year later (2008) records an album  for Vasiliki Karakosta named "I Svoura kai alles istories" that contains not only older Nikos Portokaloglou's songs,but also new ones especially written for Vasiliki
The same summer Nikos Portokaloglou celebrates 30 years of existance as a musician with two concerts in Herodium where many of his friends-musicians participated.
In 2009 releases his newest album "Strofi".

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